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Im alone..
Filled with loneliness.
Loneliness in my place.
Loneliness in my mind.


Its only a four letter word to spell..
But its a vast journey of unknown destination..
Which is full of joy, sorrow, regrets & compromises..
In this journey we come across many people..

Born in the hut as a child in the hands of poverty.
Mud as my carpet, under thatch.
With angry sun as my friend, who turned my skin dark.
Finally left as a stray on roads.

I flew high and high to reach the sky..
Leapt over the leap years,
Bouncing and pounding all my way..
Swirling around the stars & playing with the moon...

Im a busy wizzy bee,
Flies around the pretty wetty flowers,
With flitty flutty wings...

Im a busy wizzy bee,

Feeling gloomy in & out..
Every tear i shed is the rememberance of
Felt many are there with me..

I was suddenly awaken from the sleep by a silent whisper of ur voice..
A cute smile curved my lips..
The feel of ur presence, cuddled my heart..
I'll walk in ur shoes to see you happy through out my life..

Your memories shines like stars in my loneliness.
They arise new hopes in me.
I know, my thoughts to get you are like collecting pebbles from the sea.
I never expressed my love to you, as i wanna you to feel it.

Gazeing out through the window pane at the roaring blue waves..
I lost in the thoughts of reality.
I rushed off my feet all along, with a crave for unconditional needs..
I kept my vision at an airy distance,


Got drowned in the briny deep..
Girdled by darkness all around..
Waddling in search of flaring sun..
But getting splashed by empty thoughts digging me to the core..

When i close my eyes,
You will be in front of me..
But as soon as i open my eyes,
You disappear as a dream..

Airing alone through an alley fenced by bleakness..
Alienated from the world of bliss..
And searching for light under the cimmerian shade..
Awed to make every move, with blue devils laughing around..

My feelings touching the air with a hidden thorny pain,
In the disguise of blossom of smiles. In the disguise of blossom of smiles...
Soul getting drowned in the amidst of bloody sea..
Streams reaching the sky and pouncing me to the core of bluStreams reaching the sky and pouncing me to the core of blue..

A brave heart self destined, to shed the petals of his life for his people..
Defends his country with an eagle eye..
Steps the battlefield with a zeal of a roaring lion with the mane of fire..
To paw the enemy into the core.

My day starts and ends with ur thoughts.
I'll be the moon in Ur life...
I may be invisible during the happiness
But i do will be always with you during the darkness.

Every systole of my heart,
fills the veins with my love for you..
Which spills as a secret fragrance around..
Your thoughts are like red roses,

Run! Yes, I wanna run! !
Away from the world of blooded lashy claws..
twiching the spine with streaky beaks..
blending anguish in my nerve..

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Im Alone

Im alone..
Filled with loneliness.
Loneliness in my place.
Loneliness in my mind.

Im alone..
Even left alone by my shadow in the darkness.
Getting daggered by loneliness all the time.
Standing amid of the blue, with tear filled eyes.

Im alone..
Moving alone all the way.
Tired of feeling lonely.
Started being friendly with loneliness,
Coz everything and everyone left me
But not my loneliness..

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