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1. The Secret Fragrance Of My Love 9/17/2012
2. Soldier 10/25/2012
3. My Love 10/30/2012
4. Creepy World 12/14/2017
5. Soul Getting Drowned 10/6/2012
6. Thoughts Of Reality 8/5/2012
7. Hope 8/6/2012
8. Lonely Heart 8/6/2012
9. Anguish 8/8/2012
10. My Feelings For You 8/2/2012
11. Tear I Shed 8/29/2012
12. Silent Whisper 8/29/2012
13. Busy Bee 10/30/2012
14. An Orphan Child 8/2/2012
15. Where Are You 8/21/2012
16. Life 9/8/2012
17. Im Alone 8/5/2012

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Im Alone

Im alone..
Filled with loneliness.
Loneliness in my place.
Loneliness in my mind.

Im alone..
Even left alone by my shadow in the darkness.
Getting daggered by loneliness all the time.
Standing amid of the blue, with tear filled eyes.

Im alone..
Moving alone all the way.
Tired of feeling lonely.
Started being friendly with loneliness,
Coz everything and everyone left me
But not my loneliness..

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Got drowned in the briny deep..
Girdled by darkness all around..
Waddling in search of flaring sun..
But getting splashed by empty thoughts digging me to the core..
With all my desire vanishing down, as tears in blue..
And heart getting crushed under the feet of tides..
Still raising after every fall with a hope of seeing daylight one day..

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