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1. I'M Lookin 6/8/2009
2. Don'T Call 6/8/2009
3. A Friend 6/8/2009
4. You'Ve Got 6/8/2009
5. Me & You 6/8/2009
6. Sometimes 6/8/2009
7. I Lost You (Were You Ever Mine) 6/8/2009
8. Sissy 6/8/2009
9. Why 6/8/2009
10. Guys 7/14/2009
11. Billy 7/14/2009
12. ? 7/14/2009
13. Joey 7/14/2009
14. You 6/8/2009
15. True Love 6/8/2009
16. Death 6/8/2009
17. Jessica 6/8/2009
18. Soldiers 5/7/2009
19. In Your Favor 5/7/2009
20. If You'Re Asking 6/8/2009
21. Chasing Childhood 5/7/2009

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Chasing Childhood

I had a ream last night,
Where i saw childhood run away,
I chased it til' i could no more,
And everything faded to grey.
What happened to the picnics,
Cotton Candy at the fair,
Nobody goes anymore,
Too busy to even care.
Where are the dress-up clothes,
Trips for ice cream after school,
Now we're doing homewrok,
Or pretending not to, If you're cool.
I woke up the next morning,
Wondering why i was so blue,
And i realized it was no dream,
I let childhood go too soon!

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In Your Favor

I only wanted one thing,
A simple five letter word
I'm sick of being just a friend to you,
The title was pointless and unnecessary,
But to me it meant...
Time had passed,
And nothing has changed,
Is how I remain!

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