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1. Your Love 6/7/2013
2. Finally Heard 6/7/2013
3. Mine! 6/7/2013
4. Your After Effect 6/7/2013
5. Winnicotts 6/7/2013
6. Lunch With Laurel 6/7/2013
7. Follow Me 6/7/2013
8. My Love, My Darling, My Strength 6/7/2013
9. Friends 6/7/2013
10. On The Pinnacle Of Possession 6/7/2013
11. So You Sit 6/7/2013
12. My Dearest Krissi 6/7/2013
13. Quintessence Of Purity 6/7/2013
14. Uncle Karl 6/7/2013
15. New Romance 6/7/2013
16. Lustful Disguise 6/7/2013
17. What We'Ve Got 6/7/2013
18. Sad Farewell 6/7/2013
19. Nympholepsy 6/7/2013
20. Mum’s Wedding Poem 6/7/2013

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Mum’s Wedding Poem

A giant Ocean, Vast and wide,
Storms would come and them subside.
This Ocean saw a lot of things,
All the joy and sorrow life does bring.
From the blue sky crying,
To beautiful angels flying.

The Ocean was lonely, grim and bare,
Until he noticed two titan ships were there.
He saw the ships, they travelled in distance,
Completely independent, needing no one’s assistance.

The great icons knew nothing of each other,
They kept their focus on the ocean they covered.
Continuing forward, through crashing waves,
Breaking interior until the calm ...

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My Dearest Krissi

Never lose your innocence,
Never let your smile slip,
I’m trying to hold onto you,
But I fear I’m losing my grip.

I’ve never felt such emptiness,
Such a large hole left inside,
An abyss of nothingness encapsulates me,
Since I was forced to leave your side.

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