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You're the best sister I could have asked for
I pray thanks to god, that he gave you to me
We laugh together, and we cry together
We play and we fight

I hope to fly away someday
So I can soar the blue skies

I hope to become one with nature

Drain the blood that poisons me
Take along the pain
How it feels so good

He makes me smile with his words of love
He makes me melt with his touch so tender and soft
He makes me laugh with his silly jokes and funny faces
He makes me cry tears of joy with his lovely surprises

My poor heart longs to love
But it's still shattered from a brutal wound
My heart is yearning to love
Yet it can't find someone to love

How can things go so wrong?
How can things end so sad?
How can our love die so young?

I hear your voice calling me
And I see you standing before me
So I reach out for you
But no one is there...

He can't sleep
So tears of agony roll down his eyes playing his guitar
Drawing with an unconscious mind
He looks at her

I couldn't help but tremble
I was so flustered
I stumbled on my words
We made a deal

I stare at the stars and wonder where you are
I smell the rose you'd given me the summer before
As I do, I remember that together we are no more.

Destiny the uncontrollable fate
Drew me to you when I first saw your face
So serious and mysterious
But little did I know of what lay in store

We walked together in the night
Hand in hand, intertwined
It was like a magical dream
I just couldn't believe

Nature took its course and you left me behind
Was I forgotten? Or Simply unwanted?
Did you love me? Or despise me?
I'd like to know, I need to know.

Insanity my sweet ecstasy
You should be over at my place
Instead of on myspace
Don't be senile, Time is really like a broken clock

Judges judge, but is justice ever done?
Unfortunately at times it's not
Sometimes I cannot bring myself to understand why there's so much crime
Today we live in a society in which crime is just a part of daily life

I try to picture my future
And I find myself in love with the world ahead
I can hardly wait to step up to the plate
Seems like only yesterday, I dreamt of this day

I want to kiss you, if only just once
I want for you to hold me in your arms, if only just a minute
If you were to hold my hand, I would follow you to the ends of the Earth no questions asked
Let's go for a walk and never come back

I wish you'd disappear
I hope you fade away
I long for your end
I want you to die

A shock to see you go
Agonizing to know I can hold you no more
I'm lifeless without you
Saddened with deep woe

Just as the sun awaits the moons arrival, I long for you
Dawns early light brings a new day to be with you
In the night shade I yearn for a passionate kiss from you

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Hello, I'm Evelyn. Here's some info. about me: My writing consists of mostly poetry and a few short stories. I am inspired by small things in daily life and emotionally moving events. Writing poetry is my passion because I can divulge myself entirely with the sole use of words. I admire the poets Dorothy Parker, Sylvia Plath and I also hold a dear respect and admiration for Edgar Allan Poe’s literary work. I also take great pleasure in reading other members poems on this site and I hope that my poetry can connect with those who read it. :))

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My Sister, My Dearest Friend

You're the best sister I could have asked for
I pray thanks to god, that he gave you to me
We laugh together, and we cry together
We play and we fight
But in the end it's all alright

Your my sisterly companion, my partner in crime
You're my trustee confidant
We keep each others deepest secrets safe

And even though we're cousins by law & blood
We're sisters at heart, which is where it counts =]

Simply because you're my sister and you're my friend
Thank you so much for being the best sister I could EVER have!

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