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1. Childhood 10/13/2014
2. Clear Waters 10/13/2014
3. The Accident 10/13/2014
4. Lunatics R Us 10/13/2014
5. Popularity 10/13/2014
6. Sick Of Crying 10/13/2014
7. The Plea For Help 10/13/2014
8. The Secret 10/14/2014
9. The Hidden Thinker 4/20/2009
10. Seeking Nothing 10/14/2014
11. The Beach 10/14/2014
12. The Night 10/14/2014
13. First Death 10/14/2014
14. One Crow Stands Alone 10/13/2014
15. Knowing 10/13/2014
16. Forgive My Guilt 9/10/2009

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Forgive My Guilt

Not always sure what things called sins may be,
I am sure of one sin I have done.
It was 10 years ago when I was a young child,
I sat on the floor, marker in hand, ready but not for fun.
The rapid beating of my heart signaling me to charge,
Charge at the doll that was so effortlessly fooling with my mind.
Forcing me to think horrid thoughts I never knew I could.
This doll was my stepsister’s who was not my kind.
Towards, the doll I ran to end this evil madness,
Stabbing the markers, and piercing the plastic shield of the doll.
But WAIT… someone was ...

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When you're young, you're meant to smile.
You're meant to laugh, dance, giggle, play, joke, love, and ask.
Your childhood is supposed to be filled with embrace.
It's supposed to be that small amount of time in your life when you are allowed to be free.
Where you can tug at your mother's side and ask why the girl's hair is blue, or why the sun can't set more than once a day, or why the shells in the sea can play all day and night but you had to leave by 3?
Why do you worry so much about mon

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