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The mirror is what I aviod.
Disasters is all I see.
Although the past is now in the past.
Somethings you cant erase,

The way she flinches when he starts to yell,
Says it all.
she swears he's nothing but sweet, until closed doors.
She never comes out a night,

I'm not going to lie.
Your hits, yes they hurt.
Marks never last too long, but scars they stay forever.
I cant quite understand why this happens.

I feel that so many things are different
Changes for the better and for the worst
some are welcoming and some that truly hurt.

I cant seem to focus,
Things seem to become real blurry.
I blink and wipe my eyes to try and get focus.
Nothing seems to work.

Just try and listen as we lay here together
Just listen to the way our heart beats no longer match
And our breathing just seems so different.
The closer we are tonight, the further away I feel.

We've done this too many times.
You look me in the eyes, say your sorry with a soft but heavy kiss.
Days pass by, You become jealous looking for false revenge.
Things become worse, fights for no reason.

Your face was just so close to mine.
Your eyes looked so steady and so real.
So forgiving and ready to start over.
Your lips just wanted to touch mine, as you reminded me so.

You know, hearing those words dear.
You make them so belivable.
Though I have many doubts.
The doors never locked,

Though actions speak louder than words,
Your not reading mine right.
Nothing seems to be right anymore.
I've tired my best, to fix it all.

You tell me you love me, that it's true love indeed.
Sometimes i read right through your lies.
But oh they flow from your lips so easily.
Yes, I'm a sucker for your ocean blue eyes.

I cant stop thinking of you
One thing after another
I take a shot to drown my memory
Nothing else seems to work

My heads spinning so damn fast
Nothing seems to be right
You tell me you love me
But you hurt me so bad


you know that feeling?
that feeling when you know your inlove,
you know that feeling deep down in your soul
those butterflies in your stomach and your rosie red cheeks blushing

I'll never get to meet you
or even know your name.
I'll never feel your touch
or even hear your voice.

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Hey there sweetie, I'm stephanie Nicole. I love to write and take picture. It helps me express my feelings cause I cant just seem to say them. I'm a social butterfly. I loveee meeting new people and having new ones in my life. though I've just lost a few best friends, I'm going to keep looking forward and smiling. Hmm, I've VERY goofy. I love doing pranks. I seem to get in to trouble that way but hayy its called a good time lol. I love to go muddin and to play in the rain. Boys are mostly in my head just like every other teenager. My birthday is April 27, Ohhhbaby! I have one brother named christopher and one sister named kimmi, I only have a little silbing who died 1/27/2010. RIP. We love and miss you. I do attend a church called South Shore. I have now for three years I think. Its amazing there.)

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Disasters Is All I See.

The mirror is what I aviod.
Disasters is all I see.
Although the past is now in the past.
Somethings you cant erase,
Even though you try and try.
It's there to haunt you for forever.
Nothing you can say or do.
People never change.
Dreams only crash and burn
The truth is never the truth anymore.
You'll never be the same.
So disasters must be your new name.

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