Stephen Spender

(28 February 1909 – 16 July 1995 / England)

Stephen Spender Poems

1. The Truly Great 2/19/2015
2. Port Bou 4/22/2010
3. The Trance 4/22/2010
4. Ultima Ratio Regum 4/22/2010
5. The Shapes Of Death 4/22/2010
6. He Will Watch The Hawk 4/22/2010
7. A Childhood 4/22/2010
8. The Labourer In The Vineyard 4/22/2010
9. The Landscape Near An Aerodrome 4/22/2010
10. The Room Above The Square 4/22/2010
11. O Night O Trembling Night 4/22/2010
12. A Stopwatch And An Ordnance Map 4/22/2010
13. An Elementary School Classroom In A Slum 4/22/2010
14. On The Pilots Who Destroyed Germany In The Spring Of 1945 4/22/2010
15. The Pylons 4/22/2010
16. Daybreak 4/22/2010
17. On The Third Day 4/22/2010
18. I Think Continually 4/22/2010
Best Poem of Stephen Spender

I Think Continually

I think continually of those who were truly great.
Who, from the womb, remembered the soul's history
Through corridors of light where the hours are suns
Endless and singing. Whose lovely ambition
Was that their lips, still touched with fire,
Should tell of the Spirit clothed from head to foot in song.
And who hoarded from the Spring branches
The desires falling across their bodies like blossoms.

What is precious is never to forget
The essential delight of the blood drawn from ageless springs
Breaking through rocks in worlds before our earth.
Never to deny ...

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He Will Watch The Hawk

He will watch the hawk with an indifferent eye
Or pitifully;
Nor on those eagles that so feared him, now
Will strain his brow;
Weapons men use, stone, sling and strong-thewed bow
He will not know.

This aristocrat, superb of all instinct,
With death close linked,

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