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There's a passion that burns, between you and I,
Igniting a spark, that could light up the sky,
So hot is the fire, that burns through the night,
It blurrs out the difference, of whats wrong and whats right,
My heart is all but shattered.. and the pieces fall like rain,
Scattered by the wind.. it seems to numb the pain,
I have lost myself.. and it seems I've lost my way,
My direction is uncertain.. and nothing feels OK,
'Holding On'
I've been holding on for life.. for love.. for us.. for me,
I thought the storm would pass by now.. so that we both may see,
But the skies are even darker.. than they were the day before,
And the distant sound of thunder.. says that soon the rain will pour,
'Walk Away'
The sun came up again today.. and though your still not here,
I can't see a reason why.. that I should shed a tear,
But I wipe my eyes.. and I go on.. to face another day,
While the shadows of your memory.. in my head begin to play,
'Why Is It'
Why is it.. that you make me feel.. what I haven't felt in years...
And why every time I see you.. do my eye's just fill with tears,
Why do I have to touch myself.. every time you walk away...
As the flames inside consume me.. all I want is you to stay,
'Watch Me Fly Away'
If I die tomorrow... what I had with you today...
Means more to me than anything... I could ever write or say,
I can't imagine anything... more beautiful than you...
If only I could steal your heart... and make you love me too,
'State Of Mind'
Words cannot console me.. for the love I live without...
As I finally lay to rest.. the dreams that were in doubt,
For today you finally told me.. what my heart already knew...
But had to hear the words myself.. coming straight from you,
'Should I'
Should I tell you what it does to me.. to get too close to you...
And lose control of everything.. I've tried to hold onto,
Should I tell you how I really feel.. though you don't feel the same?
Or play like there's no pain at all.. and to me its just a game,

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