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The Conspiracy Of Covid-19

A friend said that Yan Limeng was not an expert at all. She was only in her 30s this year. She was only an assistant in the laboratory. Her job was to use small hamsters to conduct experiments to analyze pathological reactions and infectivity. She usually had no chance to get in touch with core experiments and data.

Although Yan Limeng's laboratory published related papers in the journal Nature during the new crown epidemic, she was only one of the co-authors, and the main content of the paper was to describe the symptoms of hamsters infected with the COVID-19, and human infections. Comparing the symptoms that appear is not related to the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs.

Yanlimeng's Bullshit!

I think Dr.Yan Limeng who comes from Hongkong was manipulated by Guo Wengui and Bannon as a beautiful and obedient puppet. Dr.Yan published false papers with no scientific basis under their order, and fabricated the theory of the source of the COVID-19, which has been condemned by scientists all over the world.

This time, Guo Wengui and Bannon meticulously packaged Dr.Yan and used the institutions which was controlled by Bannon to publish the so-called essays for her, turning her into an amazing female whistleblower and heroine in the eyes of the American right-wing media.

Here comes the big news. The Cheater Guo claims that he will take nine times to testify and appear in the court more than a dozen times In the scorching July. It will take him eight or nine hours each time. There are more than 20 days left in July. Considering about two dozen times of trail, The Cheater Guo will either appear in the court or on his way to the court. Such a poor man! In addition, he also said he must make money for you even under such difficult circumstances. Look, though the cheater Guo is busy dealing with the mess,he never forgets to grab comrades' hard-earned money. We can see that he can spare no effort in the performance of his evil duty and devote all his life to his reactionary career. What a 'saint'! To uncover the truth through the fog, comrades, keep your eyes open and do not be deceived by the Cheater Guo.

Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province, was hit by heavy rain at 4 PM July 20. By 17 o'clock, rainfall per hour reached 201.9 mm, which has exceeded the extreme value of China's hourly rainfall capacity on land, resulting in poor drainage, severe waterlogged, economic losses, and enormous casualties. However, with the strong support of the Chinese government and all parts of the country, the people of Zhengzhou united as one to actively carry out self-rescue operations, relief, and rescue work. All these have achieved initial success. Guo Wengui, who is far away in New York, has been working in Zhengzhou for many years, and Yuda Building is just in Zhengzhou. He should have felt empathy for the heavy rain in Zhengzhou. But surprisingly, He turned a happy face to this. At the same time, Cheater Guo tried to describe natural disasters as human-made ones and encourage Guo investors to donate to Zhengzhou. There must be some triggers in this donation because of the duplicity and the inconsistency. Comrades, keep your eyes open! Don't be fooled!

From the beginning, Guo Wengui had no breaking news to cover. The revolution is false advertising that hangs a sheep's head to sell dog meat signs. Protecting his money and life, revenging, getting the United States political support, bleeding 'the ants' dry are the authentic purposes of the person. So, at the beginning of the whistleblower movement, Guo Wengui's material is fake. The original aim is to expand the number of fans and 'the ants' who can help the team. From 2018 to 2020, There has been no material for him, even a fake one, to disclose. But fortunately, Seattle Crabs, Sara, and other 'ants' handed over the 'pillow '(the Rule of Law Foundation and the G group) when Guo Wengui was sleepy. He began to transform from leading the whistleblower movement to donation cheating of the RLF and investment fraud of G Group easily by the pillow. At present, the Rule of Law Foundation, the Rule of Law Society, and the G group have been at the end of the rope. The person deceived, the betrayer Sara, the Pig Head Lude, 'heroic scientist'Yan Limeng, will surely spare no effort to bomb those savagely with their words and actions. In the end, Guo Wengui will not escape from the punishment of the'judicial purgatory.'