Stevie Taite

Rookie - 318 Points (30th January 1973 / Kent, England)

Stevie Taite Poems

41. Debate On A Plate 11/25/2017
42. For The Sake Of The Fairies 4/16/2013
43. Pop Fairy 4/16/2013
44. Shy 4/20/2013
45. A Writers' Zen 4/20/2013
46. Lake Swimming 2/21/2013
47. A To Z Of A Body Completing Demanding Exercise. 11/18/2012
48. Time Difference Annoyance 11/10/2012
49. Sides, Edges And Vertices Edited 11/17/2012
50. Sycamore Seed 9/10/2012
51. Goalie Haiku 10/1/2012
52. Answered In Dreams (A Bit Saucy) 8/21/2012
53. Wasps Are Carnivores 8/16/2012
54. Driftwood 8/9/2012
55. Where's My Pen? 8/29/2012
56. White Triangle 8/29/2012
57. Brown Limerick 10/2/2012
58. Saved 9/13/2012
59. Sealed 9/17/2012
60. Dream-Ed Muse 9/5/2012
61. Cyberspace 9/4/2012
62. Drug Induced Blood, Sweat And Tears 9/6/2012
63. Mother And Daughter 9/1/2012
64. Another Limerick About The Limerick Master Himself. Jb 12/1/2012
65. Greedy Poem Gannet 11/7/2012
66. Stark (5,3,1 Structure For Gulsher: -) 11/2/2012
67. A To Z Of Less Able Exerciser! 11/18/2012
68. Jahan's Special Place 11/21/2012
69. The Washing Monster, And Friends 1/25/2013
70. Wipe The Blade Clean 1/25/2013
71. Trespass 1/29/2013
72. Washing Time Machine 4/16/2013
73. Return Journey Blues 4/12/2013
74. Click 11/25/2017
75. Black And Gold 4/27/2013
76. Invigilator Blues 5/16/2013
77. Pink Or Blue? 8/17/2012
78. Just A Load Of Silly Limericks About People I Know 10/7/2012
79. The Therapists Not So Hidden Treasures 12/2/2012
80. Left Lobe Anxiety 12/9/2012

Comments about Stevie Taite

  • Joe Hughes Joe Hughes (11/24/2017 12:22:00 PM)

    Why have we not heard from you of late Stevie?
    A new offering please but only if you've had a visit from the muse!
    Joe Hughes

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  • Payal Parande (4/16/2013 1:26:00 PM)

    she is phenomenal with her work...i just love to read her poems all day long cause they are so sweet and happy.....i just love her poems

  • Ruby Honeytip Ruby Honeytip (1/22/2013 4:28:00 PM)

    Am thinking about setting up a support unit for people who are utterly addicted to the work of this beautiful artist. We would all be late for everything, but our souls would be well fed and singing. Stevie's poetry fills up what is empty and heals what is broken because she is love and magic in prose....a treasure xxx

  • Sayeed Abubakar Sayeed Abubakar (11/7/2012 12:53:00 AM)

    Your poems are excellent. I like your poems very much.

  • Sayeed Abubakar Sayeed Abubakar (11/7/2012 12:51:00 AM)

    You are a true poet. I like you very much.

  • Alla Simone (11/3/2012 9:41:00 PM)

    Stevie is a masterful poet who never fails to make you feel each and every line. She employs a skillful ease to craft metaphors that smoothly steer the audience directly to her desired destination.

Best Poem of Stevie Taite

A Lesson On Poetry From My Five Year Old

I sat in bed one morning
With a note pad on my knee
When in wondered my Charlie
And he snuggled up to me

He said, 'You writing poems?
We are learning that at school
I know a lot about them'
I said, 'Really mate, how cool'

He stared at me intently
As he stretched out on the bed
His legs crossed at the ankle
And a hand propped up his head

After I had sorted through
And read back what I'd penned
He slid off of the bed
And peered up at me from the end

He stayed there quite transfixed
It kinda put me off my flow
I looked over...

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Friday Night

To this point in time the ride had been rough
But the demand on posture to counter the motion would be forgotten
As  impatience fermented  foretaste

We took the detour,  
Passed crisp, transparent slopes
Where mostly water fell into man made lakes
And the now distant mountains, with their treacherous descent  would become
Embellished with a layer of illusory snow

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