Stevie Taite

Rookie - 78 Points (30th January 1973 / Kent, England)

Stevie Taite Poems

41. First Trip To The Pool For Rosie 11/15/2012
42. Fishing 8/21/2012
43. Floccinaucinihilipilification 1/4/2013
44. For The Sake Of The Fairies 4/16/2013
45. Friday Night 8/9/2012
46. Glimpse Of Her 12/21/2012
47. Goalie Haiku 10/1/2012
48. Grandma Round For Tea 1/31/2013
49. Greedy Poem Gannet 11/7/2012
50. Grow A Happy Tree 9/1/2012
51. High Board 8/10/2012
52. Honour Killing? 8/25/2012
53. I Cry 10/19/2012
54. I Like Me! 8/12/2012
55. I Need A Mentor 8/21/2012
56. I Pinch But Flesh Does Not Answer 8/10/2012
57. Id And The Ego's 8/23/2012
58. Invest In Friends 8/11/2012
59. Invigilator Blues 5/16/2013
60. Invisible 12/3/2012
61. Jahan's Special Place 11/21/2012
62. January Acrostic (With Rhyme) 12/31/2012
63. Just A Load Of Silly Limericks About People I Know 10/7/2012
64. King Henry's Roast Pig 7/18/2015
65. Lake Swimming 2/21/2013
66. Left Can'T Be Left Without Right 8/19/2012
67. Left Lobe Anxiety 12/9/2012
68. Longing A Banished Word! 10/1/2012
69. Make Friends 8/16/2012
70. Merry Christmas To All My Poet Pals! 12/25/2012
71. Messy Daughter 8/13/2012
72. Mind Over Matter 8/16/2012
73. Mirror Mirror 11/10/2012
74. Mother 8/10/2012
75. Mother And Daughter 9/1/2012
76. My First Sonnet One Sided Love. 11/6/2012
77. Nail Varnish Numpty 12/29/2012
78. Not In This Universe 9/19/2012
79. Notes 1/12/2013
80. On Your Pillow 9/25/2012
Best Poem of Stevie Taite

A Lesson On Poetry From My Five Year Old

I sat in bed one morning
With a note pad on my knee
When in wondered my Charlie
And he snuggled up to me

He said, 'You writing poems?
We are learning that at school
I know a lot about them'
I said, 'Really mate, how cool'

He stared at me intently
As he stretched out on the bed
His legs crossed at the ankle
And a hand propped up his head

After I had sorted through
And read back what I'd penned
He slid off of the bed
And peered up at me from the end

He stayed there quite transfixed
It kinda put me off my flow
I looked over...

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Before A*

In maths I was average
Never appreciated the function
Very intimidated by this area
Got lost a multiple of times
Algebra? As easy as pie? haha
 Thank Goodness Jack  Kilby for your triumphant gadget!
The unknown number? 'C'

At English, I was as clumsy as a butterfly without wings

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