Ramesh T A Strength Poems

Faith Of Love Transcends All Hurdles By Its Strength!

Love transcends restrictions and barriers to favour,
Support and work for the well being of the loved one;
Just like the devotee with deep devotion prays deity,
Or a fan of cine star gives support, a lover loves one!

Health Is Strength To Win In Any Battle Sure!

Summer heat and Winter cold daily alternate between September and October;
Fluctuation of hot and cold climate affects health of all if weak in health sure;
Nothing is enjoyed if health is weak and is why health is wealth say since long;
Like ants, previously health should have been taken care to withstand Winter!

Courage Of Truth Is Real Strength In Life!

Only truth gives courage, confidence and power in the world;
Fear, negative thoughts and hesitation won't be there for them;
Leg pulling may go on against them by jealous hearted people;
But in the end, victory and peace bring joy to truthful ones!