Su Shi Poems

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Mid-Autumn Moon

Sunset cloud gather far excess clear cold
Milky Way silent turn jade plate
This life this night not long good
Next year bright moon where see

The Immortal By The River

Drinking through the night at East Slope,
still drunk on waking-up,
I return home around midnight.
My house-boy snores like thunder,


To what can our life on earth be likened?
To a flock of geese,
alighting on the snow.
Sometimes leaving a trace of their passage.

Impromptu Verse

Lonely east slope a sick old man
White hair dull loose all frost wind
Son mistaken happy red face at
A smile that know is alcohol red
A lonely sick old man on eastern slope,
My frosty hair blows loosely in the wind.
My son, mistaken, is pleased by my ruddy face,
I smile: I know it's alcoholic red.

New Year's Watch

Soon know approach end year
be like go to hole snake
Long scales half already disappear
Go all trace who able stop

Ten years living dead both boundless
Not think of capacity self hardly possible forget
Thousand li alone grave not place say wife cold
Even if together meet must not recognise

Black cloud fly ink not cover hills
White rain leap drops random into boat
Sweep earth wind come suddenly blow disperse
View lake downstairs water like sky

Well bottom deep warmth return not return
Sighing cold rain wet withered root
What person more like come to teacher
Not be flower time willing come alone

Impromptu Verse (My Frosty Hair Blows Loosely In The Wind)

White head dull loose all frost wind
Small pavilion rattan bed dependent sick appear
Report doctor spring sleep beautiful
Taoist softly ring fifth watch bell

Visiting The Temple Of The God Of Mercy On A Rainy Day

Silkworm grow old
Wheat half yellow
Around mountain rain unrestrained
Farmer person stop plough

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