New Year's Watch Poem by Su Shi

New Year's Watch

Rating: 5.0

Soon know approach end year
be like go to hole snake
Long scales half already disappear
Go all trace who able stop
If wish tie his tail
Even if diligent know to no avail
Children try not sleep
Mutual watch night cheer noise
Dawn chicken for now not cry
Further, drum respect increase
Sit long lamp ashes down
Rise see north plough slant
Next year not natural span of years
Worry fear waste time
Exert oneself to utmost today evening
Youth still ability praise
Soon now, we'll mark the year's end that approaches,
It's like a snake that crawls into a hole.
Already half its scaly length is hidden,
What man can stop us losing the last trace?
And even if we want to tie its tail,
No matter how we try, we can't succeed.
The children make all effort not to sleep,
We laugh together, watching through the night.
The cockerels should not cry the dawn for now,
The drums as well should give the hour respect.
We sat so long the lamp's burnt down to ash,
I rise and see the Plough is slanting north.
Next year, perhaps, my span of years could end,
My fear is that I've just been marking time.
So exert ourselves to the utmost here tonight,
I still admire the exuberance of our youth!

Paresh Chakra 06 December 2018

This is a very amazing poem

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