Sudheer Khwobi

Sudheer Khwobi Poems

Three Pictures

Picture 1

A burning moon
very thristy lips
no entry board?

Present pinned in a natucha

Reflecting childish behavior

Sound of empty buckets
a deep dark well of desire

Person surviving in dream

That person
Waken up in the down

Some times it happen
when some body fall in love
and cry for whole life

Sudheer Khwobi Biography

Name: Sudheer khwobi
occupation: Furniture making
Education: Intermidiate
Language: Nepal Bhasha(one of mother tongue of our country NEPAL. this language spoke mainly NEWAR
Mailing Add: 19/44 Ekhalakhu Talachhen Lalitpur (kathmandu) NEPAL

The Best Poem Of Sudheer Khwobi

Three Pictures

Three Pictures

Picture 1

A person is running breathlessly
Those in suit are chasing him
A tiny piece of underclothes, remained in his skin
When will it be grabbed?

Picture 2

To acquire a handful grain
She made herself public
Then she became a flowing river

Picture 3

They are extremely busy
From down to dusk
Even they baked for a whole day
Could not make a usable bread.

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Sudheer Khwobi Popularity

Sudheer Khwobi Popularity

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