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Love not me for comely grace,
For my pleasing eye or face;
Nor for any outward part,
No, nor for my constant heart:

After the gloomy night
When dawn peeps through
My window with a new day,
My slumbered eyes unfolding

I don't know whether your muteness
Is just your personality or not.
I always take life as easy as downy flake
In winter morning, sweet yet mute like you.

It's midnight;
The entire world is fast asleep.
The moon is beaming with love;
The bare sky, the motionless stars

Your heavenly curved body,
I take in my arms;
I become desperate without knowing what to do;
Words of love, breath of warm sensation I pour into your soft lips, biting restlessly;

When you appear to me
I can't heal up my sore.
The blackest crow
Yells out in horridness.

Spending sleepless nights
When the sky is gloomy
Wearing frosty cloak;
Pathos come out from

Entering the darkroom
I paused for a moment.
I lighted the match;
A voice, clear enough

My world became dark and silent
Like the dreary and gloomy desert.
Only sands of sorrows frowned
At me each and every moment.

Being addicted to beauty,
I am fond of poem.
I curve you nicely in my lines
That will be immortal in this universe.

That day two roses I brought to you
To wipe out your tears rolling down
Your soft crimsoned cheeks.
By poetic comfort from my verses

We were sitting together on the river bank.
Our hands entangled in a mood of glee.
You decided to move to your distant home.
Everything I can bear except separation.

Nights of songs and music
Still I feel within my heart,
I recall standing under
The bare sky, just then

Eclipsed my life without any provocation.
It seemed to I was the darkest person
Of a dark world, groping in the darkness.
The sky then ecliped my day, day that was To me a source of light and sounds.

My inspiration

Listen to Me.
Inside my mind and heart,

Standing under the dark sky
I was brooding over your thoughts.
Thoughts that once stirred my heart.
My only treasure that's left

Fate is preying upon me,
With his mighty fist.
I am now an awkward man
On this vast planet,

Tell me at once dear
What you haven't said still.
I wish to consume your breath of life;
You turn away your face without kissing

Play with my blood,
It is your wish;
But remember my heart
Is not only of mine;

One more night,
One more dream,
Behold me closely,
As you did eagerly

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I was born in Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal. Since childhood I am interested in literature, especially English literature. I am an M.A (English Literature) .Bed from Calcutta University. I am a Teacher of English in a Higher secondary school named Lalgola M.N.Academy, Murshidabad, WB. I write poetry, essays in different Bilingual Magazines & also write in The Statesman Magazine. poetry is my life; poetry is my all in life! ! My latest book of poetry named " Poetry Garden " consisting 42 poems was published in a book fair. I have a long cherished dream of publishing this book. Now my journey has started & I will continue to write more books of poetry.)

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Love Me For No Reason.

Love not me for comely grace,
For my pleasing eye or face;
Nor for any outward part,
No, nor for my constant heart:
For those may fail or turn to ill,
So you and I shall sever.
Keep therefore a true woman's eye,
And love me still, but know not why;
So you have the same reason still
To love and kiss me ever.

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I am the lord of my own created world.

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