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THIS gloomy room I dwell
As I sit here I feel something in the air
Ignore I do but it over powers me I know
A cold feeling, the smell of flowers

For life itself is to be thankful for
And I'm so thankful for every passing day
Not just for the many things I own
But simply being thankful in every way

Where are the days of unmasked faces
Everyone talked closer and carefree
How different things change
Stay Safe is all we hear and see

I saw this elderly man cross the street
A few kids were calling him old man
His face so sad as he walked along
Why don't these kids understand

If I told you would you care
I think we're world far apart
You seem to know me
But not what's in my heart

There's a cold chill in the air
It brings me back to yesterday
When we walked hand in hand
I will never forget that day

A rosebud sweet and growing
How is this not beauty to the eyes we see;
Wild and free it has no real direction or way,

'You Thrill Me'

Such passion and thrill
Tonight we meet again my love

'Faithful Fool Such As I'

You lead me lead me on
I can't help this heart of mine

The heart is where it desires
My heart desires you so much
I love how you love me its true
Down too your very loving touch

Will you be there you replied okay
I waited for hours I guess no show
Called you up no answer at all
Headed back home I don't know

KNOCK! knock! Goes the front door,
This secret love of mine smiles so,
We meet again and make love once more
As we hold one another I feel his affection grow;

Where were you tonight
I waited for you in the rain
Looks like the time is passing
My heart feels the pain

DO what you want to I don't care anymore;
How you treated me with broken promises;
I rather be alone than with you
I've tried way to many times before.

When your feeling so down
Please let me help you
I'm here when you ever need me
And you know that's true

A love like yours true and rare
There is magic in your eyes
The things you do to me
Everyday is full of surprise

Something has changed here
And I'm not sure how I feel
When you hold me close baby
I only know this feeling is real

'This You Can Count On'

LIFE holds no guarantee
And surely this you know

Gazing out the window she does
Watching the birds fly so free
Her memories of another time
A time way before you and me

'Not All Police Are Bad Cops'

There are all kinds of cops today
And yet many point and blame

Suelynn Walters Biography

I'm a Singer/Songwriter, Poet, My favourite Poet of all time is William Shakespeare.)

The Best Poem Of Suelynn Walters

Your Presence

THIS gloomy room I dwell
As I sit here I feel something in the air
Ignore I do but it over powers me I know
A cold feeling, the smell of flowers
I feel your there
I turn to look and there's nothing behind me
But I know somehow this can't be true
Your shadow passes fast and cleverly
Your presence

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Charles Jagongo Ogola 25 January 2018

Great poetry done in excellence

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Suelynn Walters Quotes

The world is a sad place, so try to spread some happiness.

Playing with someone's heart strings will one day come back to you.

Instead of frowning about the rain Dream of rainbows ahead.

My Lord, I've seen the greediness of human nature.

Accusations are for those who spend their life assuming. Instead of knowing.

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Suelynn Walters Popularity

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