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The Author of 'Magic in Woman', Charles Jagongo Ogola was born in the Country side of Kenya, Africa in 1972. Charles is a freelance writer and Poet. He has contributed many articles in Kenyan local dailies and Partner News Magazine for Ms- Danish Development partners to the south. Charles likes music, Drawing and painting with water colors.
Charles is also a community development worker.
He lives in Niarobi, Kenya.

His latest book is 'Stories From Our Grandmother's Hut'.


The Best Poem Of Charles Jagongo

Praise Him, Nelson Mandela

Praise him, this son of Africa
He withstood mudsling’s of apartheid,
From Roben Island, to lead a nation, to set a pace.
Count him not, with other comrades,
Who cling on, un-ashamedly,
Till they are pulled, no sympathy
For subjects, heads had rolled,
Praise him, Nelson Mandela, in peace
He knew prosperity and peace
Who all he did for peace!

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Suelynn Walters 18 May 2015

Charles is a Brilliant Poet. He touches my heart and reaches My soul within.

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Charles Jagongo Popularity

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