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Praise him, this son of Africa
He withstood mudsling’s of apartheid,
From Roben Island, to lead a nation, to set a pace.
Count him not, with other comrades,

Drums, trumpets, jingles and
Flowers, colours and
A union born.

Rain, rain, rain
As kids, by then
We played in pools
And chased butterflies

Yes, only him and out in open
Could whip up their emotions
Could make fire weaves of words
Sweet, provocative and with taste for freedom.

On my face, morning Sun’s rays
Through window pane, down I gaze
Yellow flowers had rained from trees
Yellow flowers, yellow rays

Breaking news, breaking mood
Angelic, Whitney Houston, has left the hood

Our tears roll, a voice so graceful
Whitney Houston, woman so beautiful

Eternity is the Universe,
Swaying are the leaves
Rain splatters
Around I see lives

As the heart yearns
Amid drum throbs of yester-pains
Bitter leaves in sweet tongue
Your angelic face mocks my soul

Yes Mama,
Rivers whispered down the valley
Frogs had done their orchestra
As shadows, Sun's eye they closed and opened

Mystic universe spreads, up the sky,
Stars like dots, mark the sky
Twinkling, in majestic beauty

Down the valley I see a carcass
A carcass of an Elephant with no tusks
I hear whistles
I know the evil poachers

You lady so bewitching, is your charm,
You lady, disarmed is me, your arrow, my heart is struck
As weaver birds do their houses, on tree tops
As ants make, colonies, for their queens,

Dance, Dance, Dance
Dance your sweat away
Dance the infectious beat
The hall is full

The stars are up, a spectacle of splendor
The moon so clear and winks
You said you'll be here
And like babies would play

The sky is blue, clouds are clear
I know the stars will do the sky,
Here I sit and wait, for one so dear
Pearl of my heart, so lovely and pretty.

Butterflies they dance
Merrily fly in fields
Dotting fields,
Pink yellow and red are flowers

A fire is lit, gleaming backs
Drums beat, in ecstasy dancers
Hop around the night fire
He dipped, to be baptized,

Hei ho! Gold everywhere
Gold in my garden
Gold in my house
Sparkling gold as my rosary

See the sky, its twinkling stars
In majesty the moon's crystal silver
In serene beauty, the spirit fills over
See the sky, stars of the shepherds guide

I remember tales, riddles and jokes
From my granny's, huts
And enjoyed, pounded nuts.

Charles Jagongo Biography

The Author of 'Magic in Woman', Charles Jagongo Ogola was born in the Country side of Kenya, Africa in 1972. Charles is a freelance writer and Poet. He has contributed many articles in Kenyan local dailies and Partner News Magazine for Ms- Danish Development partners to the south. Charles likes music, Drawing and painting with water colors. Charles is also a community development worker. He lives in Niarobi, Kenya. His latest book is 'Stories From Our Grandmother's Hut'. Contact. charlesjagongo@

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Praise Him, Nelson Mandela

Praise him, this son of Africa
He withstood mudsling’s of apartheid,
From Roben Island, to lead a nation, to set a pace.
Count him not, with other comrades,
Who cling on, un-ashamedly,
Till they are pulled, no sympathy
For subjects, heads had rolled,
Praise him, Nelson Mandela, in peace
He knew prosperity and peace
Who all he did for peace!

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Suelynn Walters 18 May 2015

Charles is a Brilliant Poet. He touches my heart and reaches My soul within.

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Charles Jagongo Popularity

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