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Make me You,

Today I dreamt
not when I was exactly asleep

Mother I know
That when I was born
I was just an organ
That sprang from you,

My heart felt like a stone
Mind sank in to a freeze,
The news has spread,

Straddling the rugged uneven red earth
The little black ant scuttles from spec to spec
Urgent urgently searching for a certain thing
Of its interest and great worth

The plenipotentiary of business sits high on the pulpit
His long lips curled in many curves
The shine on his face matches the sheen of his expensive suit
His eyes are bold with the confidence that immense wealth gets

A Dream [ By Shruti when she was 14 yrs old]

In the country side
I saw a marvellous sight,

I want to go back

The day we left
The city was no different

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My days in Kabul (2007-2008) has shepherded me to the poets desk. Please examine my poems critically and feel free to post scathing comments to help me develop my skills.)

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My Prayer, Make Me You

Make me You,

Today I dreamt
not when I was exactly asleep
In the isthmus between alert wakefulness and dead slumber

I dreamt that I stood
Pressed back in a niche
on the steep slope of a treacherous hill
And steel automated doors slid
Cramming me within

Oh Lord! what horrors you have!
Life worse than peaceful death
Death that is seductive like a dream
And life sans dream
A nightmare ruled from Hell

Between the living and the dead
Is You.

Oh Lord take us in your wings
Take me with You and You become Me
And I You.


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