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I use to think i was happy with being in love with him...
That no matter what happend i would remain happy...
All because he was in my life...

I dont know what to say or do,
But all i can think of is you,
I dont know why but i cant help it,
Its just a bad habit.

I shed no tears,
I show no fears,
Strong as a rock,
As thick as a stone,

As a tear slides down my bright red cheek,
I cant help but peek,
As soon as i do,
All i see is a blur of you.

I love you every single day,
With out you a will fade away,
And the skies will turn a shade of gray,
So i hope your here to stay.

I want to travel to California,
Just so i can see ya.

I want to travel to Hawaii,

When i cry
I cry out tears
along with all my fears.

Im all alone
As still as a stone,
I just want to groan,
But i can't cause if i do,

When I look in
The two way mirror
I don't see me
I don't appear.

We all use to think
We were capable of having a fairytale of our own,
That we'll Fall in love and live happily ever after,
So you search and search for it,

I might not be,
Who you think you see.

I am some one else

I want to ride the clouds
And surf the open winds
And speed across the wide open grounds
With no sins

This guy is a sweety
And not to needy
He's far away
He'll be here to stay.

You say that you love me
You say that you hate me
If you can't make up your mind
Then so it be.

Friday the 13th

The day Jason comes out to slay,
Don't matter night or day.

Chard words from a little girl,
Shattered teardrops leaking from her soar eyes,
Lips creased into a pout,
That little girl hurt from all his lies.

1. I want to have someone to care about me
But you can't see

2. I want to be able to have fun friends

If you think you can bring me down,
Think again,
You won't come close,
you'll get all the pain.

i cant always be
the perfect little girl
that you imagined
with that little curl.

till death kills me
I will be here

till death kills me

Sunset Moonshine Biography

The stuff i write is not just poetry, but they are like my diary/journal... They say things from what i feel to what happens on some days... To people i like to people i hate... This poetry holds it all... I don't care what people say about my poems because it will not break me down, but builds me up. All comments i find help me in some way *(*_*) *)

The Best Poem Of Sunset Moonshine

*** I Am Confused.. I Am Happy

I use to think i was happy with being in love with him...
That no matter what happend i would remain happy...
All because he was in my life...

But now... I just dont know...

I met another guy that is just as amazing...
We have so much in common...
And he has 'liked' me for 3 years...

Now i cant help but wonder... Am i happy still?

I still dont know...

But I am now dating him..
I think it will work out...
I think i might be happy again...
And all that was wrong will be right..

I will be happy! ! !

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