Bijay Kant Dubey Sunset Poems

The Parsi Story, The History of India

I haven't heard the Parsi story,
Will somebody tell me?

In The Morgue

I trying to recognize
My own dead boy.

The Sunset As Seen

The sunset was of yellow orange flare
And will continue for
As long as the creation is,
This the eternal truth

Nanda Devi, Sunrise And Sunset Over Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi mountain range,
One of the highest peaks
Of Garhwali Himalayas,
Nanda Devi

Sunset Silhouette

It was sunset time
When I came across
A herd of camels,

The Sunset

The girl-child as the bride seated on
A bullock-cart going
And the cart crossing the river,
The bullocks drinking water

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