Susan Wall Poems

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Lake Redman

As there are times my mind likes
to drift away back to that place
of endless peace.
This makes me want to reminisce

I Heard A Knock

Lord you’re my God, when I fall which I do

there are just times when it’s hard to get up.

Get Out While You Can

Ladies abusers are on the loose, they are connivers

and liars waiting to take their next prey.

Your On My Mind

When taking my evening walk; you came to me in thought.

The spring air seems to make forget

Loving Nature

Let us live in this world, but be at peace with harmony.
Look at nature for she knows no war, everything works in harmony.
She knows when to rebirth, she knows when life must die.
She gives love threw her warmth, she gives us winter to make us strong.

Love Messge

Death even the word sounds cold
It is something that will unfold
in everyone’s life is what I was told.
The sin of Adam and Eve is now why death

Why Care

I knew you for a few short years
and then you walked away.
Not knowing what I did, I asked myself why
did my Mommy go away?

Will You Remember Me?

I have seen many that have went on before me
the quiet path they had to walk alone.
When they saw their lifeless body lying there
as others did weep.

Silent Cry Was Heard

Little soul your external life has not begun

but the soul that is life surly is alive and well.

The Path To Light

Jesus you are the light, so many just want to shut you out.
The enemy has always has put up that fight
so many hate the light of truth.
Many feel that being self-righteous, is how mankind should be.

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