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I am a born again Christian. I go to a church that preaches the word from the Bible and tends to follow Pentecost beliefs. Some years ago you would call that kind of church a Holy Roller church. I am very proud to be called a Christian. Jesus saved me from hell and gave me a new life. I am a mother of three and a stay at home house wife. I love to write and share with others what God has done for me. Writing poems is my outlet and I write to cope with stress as well. I feel that God has given me the gift to write and I want to make a difference to someone that may be hurting. Maybe my writings will lead someone to the Lord through the witnessing of my life experiences. God bless those who read this book. I am also known as the Dreamer when identifying myself to other people. I am just a sinner saved by grace.

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Lake Redman

As there are times my mind likes
to drift away back to that place
of endless peace.
This makes me want to reminisce
of the days lost in time.
I remember, that beautiful warm day
as the bright sun was shining down
in all its loving warmth
and splendor on my face.
Sitting on an old, red picnic bench
as hard as a rock in the summers light.
As the wild Geese slowly walked
towards me begging for food
I just admired how large they are in size.
The breeze that gently passed through
my long flowing hair was a moment
that I just want to clutch in time.
The air was as crisp and clean as country
folk always said it is.
Sipping on my cold Coke there
my mind drifts away
as I just let my worries drift away in the lake
never more to remain inside of me.
Here is where I set myself
free and begin to dream.

Copyright c Susan Wall March 1- 2014

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Susan Wall Popularity

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