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Waiting for some one
At a lonely place
from core of heart
one day he will come

Do, did, done
You are alone
No will share
You must not dare.


A dry river
When flooded with rain water
Curbed the human beings, animals and plants
Washes what comes in front of it

Technology is not a machine
It’s an improved thought of people
To be implemented to save the world.
Technology is not a garbage to throw

The skill of a person is
To implement the whole ability
Whole knowledge
And total effort

Monsoon is a change
Of thought, climate
Earth wear clothes of new look
Sky drips down drops of water


Man does sin
Not for the curse
It’s natural and spontaneous
Before one can think that he opts to do,

Two caged chicks of golden bird
Crying for their lost nest they jumped away
Mother came to locate them
On the top of the cage she found

Little care of something
From the core of heart
Will give great result
Beyond imagination.

On the platform
The crowd of people
For the human race
Unending competition

Bailiff, the right hand
Of the local land lord
With robust body and face
Having long dark mustache.

We all have a borrowed life
To do good throughout
The life span we borrowed
From the court of almighty.

With all goodness
Health and happiness
Are you aware for the same?

Who am I?
That gives you
Food clothes and shelter
Along with medicine,

Better be asleep
Not to face a bad friend
When a friendship affects one’s life.

Some people feel themselves as God
To pour blessings upon their followers
As if the problems sweep out
with their simple version.

The world may understand me
Or misunderstand
I understood myself
I love my life

The darkness came
Painted with the whole blackness
Blown my all efforts to live
The sickle shaped moon

Every minutes of sin I have done
In the past of my life
Throwing me in the hell
Every day I feel.

Sushil Kumar Tripathy Biography

Passed High School Certificate from Baunsuni High School, Graduation in Rajendra College Bolangir, Botany with Forestry Profession in Forest Department, Govt. of Odisha in State of Odisha, INDIA.)

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Waiting for some one
At a lonely place
from core of heart
one day he will come
to win over the untruth
truth will reign
All over the world
He must come
With a sword of peace
Again disparity dissolves
But peace is not a play toy
To purchase from counter
It is the inter relationship
With one and other.

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Abhipsa Tripathy 30 May 2014

Hello! bapa Your poems are so advisable.

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