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Life was a song you would sing
In your warm, beautiful way,
From the moment you first drew breath
Until your last mortal day.

To be a mother
Is a privilege like no other.
A blessing from God.
A journey down a path untrod

Apple jelly warms your heart,
Each jar's a little work of art.
Love it on crumpets or on bread -
Glowing rosy-sunset red!

Part-way down a mountainside -
Above the trees, below the ice -
Something told me loud and clear
That I would find an edelweiss!

Great slab of Wensleydale cheese
crumbling into the sea!
How old you are -
And yet, for all your crumbling, you endure.

A Diplodocus
One day lost focus
And fell into a pit.
It couldn’t rise

Three times within a single day
Straying out of your usual way
To pass lily of the valley
En masse in a garden's gulley -

Remember the things we used to do?
Like the conker I'd slip into your shoe,
Only to find it back in mine...

I cannot forgive.
I cannot be as the maple tree,
The one they all but cut down
Yet somehow sprang green again.

Something strange is going on
at the age of forty-three:

Normandy kine are very fine -
All dappled, whites and blacks.
And once they've eaten pastures green
They're flat out on their backs.


Should have stayed an outsider,
Should have known we’d not abide her.

Dog swimming
Couple strolling
Waves scalloping the shore...

The first time I saw the shimmering
It seemed to me I was dreaming.
A pool of hazy blue appearing
In the dip of the downs,

So many lights gone out.
Ones loved and lost
that would shine for us
through the years, each

Hidden in the pod
a line of small round new peas
wait to be counted

I wonder what happened to R…?
He soon quit me when I wouldn’t go as far -
or as fast - as he wanted.
Leaving teenage me crushed and daunted

Tatty petals and leaves lie on a lawn.
Rag-tag soul-mates, thrown together
By the gusts of autumn.

Like Saddleback
is your young back

Or some other long hill

Fine shimmering rain
dancing on skin, alighting
on leaves as glitter

Susy Evelyne Biography

Born in Bristol, England (city of Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge. Grew up with rhymes by Hilaire Belloc and Edward Lear, and enjoyed writing simple rhymes herself. A graduate in modern languages, always inspired by words. Since 2004 writing poems on nature, the sea, perceptions of women, human nature and suburban life. Favourite poets: Robert Frost, Edward Thomas, John Clare, Amy Lowell, plus various song-writers. 'Writing a poem seems to happen by magic - you think a thought or feel an emotion and it comes alive in words. When I write happy poems I get a buzz but even writing about something difficult or sad will help me as I work through it. Recently I've discovered poems written by my mother and grandmother and even my big brother, so it runs in the family! But I believe everyone has at least one poem in them somewhere.')

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Life Was A Song You Would Sing

Life was a song you would sing
In your warm, beautiful way,
From the moment you first drew breath
Until your last mortal day.

Every morning you would rise,
Filled with hope, just as a bird,
And with an optimistic mind,
Make your way through the world.

Always a spring in your step,
You would walk, long and tall,
Singing a quiet song in your heart
Of life's joys, great and small.

There were times sorrow came,
When your heart yearned for peace,
But even then, not for one day
Did your melody cease.

Full eighty-seven years -
A blessed life - you were given;
At rest it seemed you were still singing -
As a pure angel of heaven.

Copyright Susy Evelyne,25 October 2013

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