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u came
we’ve been
u left..
like Anna

'How r u? '

how is me? ..
what can i say,

love me kiss me
undress me
please me
enter me center me

helmet is on de floor
u r going to war
i will stay in this peace
decomposing piece by piece

i'm strategic
in business

Newfound Mother-Father-Wasteland!
My Tetley comrade
Where not uncommon
Community court order

'u must be a man
in a previous life...' was a cave

You went through me
with quite a depth
Ч т о б ы л о т о б ы л о …
I agree -

woolen scarf around her eyes
naked body on the ice

fingerprints on shaven head

U love yo freedom
u’ve built
the wall
around it

now i’m building my defense
it is not high wall
it is not barbwire fence
it is Blue Cross

2nd line of my defence
built by the state surveillance
of one banana republic..
verses written 4 u

someone in twice younger body
with his Persian wisdom ancient
grew so terribly upset
about my defences set

i wanna u 2 be asleep
an me – awake…
i will be quite
as a snake

i have a viral melancholy
i have bacteria of sadness
i'm sorry i'm not alcoholic
an i cannot indulge in madness

my crave 4 u
beyond description
i don’t need Prozac
by proscription


look at ‘em swans
addicted 2 de ponds
and rivers
aren’t they? ..

..very proper
i do ‘white dance’
every romance

as most of wisdom
comes fm boredom
most of my love
comes fm yo absence

..i am not
any longer in love
i am not
any longer poEt

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U Came We'Ve Been

u came
we’ve been
u left..
like Anna
under train
it feels
like love’s leftover
not right
write over
on hangover
i want it over
crossed line
yo line is busy
always busy
washing line
not 'over 2 u'
just: over..

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