Sydney Thompson Dobell

(1824-1874 / England)

Sydney Thompson Dobell Poems

1. On The Death Of Mrs. Browning 1/1/2004
2. To Professor And Mrs. J.S. Blackie 4/12/2010
3. Voxpopuli 4/12/2010
4. Laus Deo 1/1/2004
5. In War-Time: An Aspiration Of The Spirit 4/12/2010
6. Isabel 4/12/2010
7. Epitaph Ii 4/12/2010
8. For Charity's Sake 4/12/2010
9. Good-Night In War-Time 4/12/2010
10. He Is Safe 4/12/2010
11. On Love And Beauty: I: To A Promessa Sposa 4/12/2010
12. To The Authoress Of 4/12/2010
13. Sleeping And Waking 4/12/2010
14. To James Y. Simpson 4/12/2010
15. To A Friend In Bereavement 4/12/2010
16. To A Cathedral Tower: On The Evening Of The Thirty-Fifth Anniversay Of Waterloo 4/12/2010
17. To James H. 4/12/2010
18. To The Tiber 4/12/2010
19. Where Are You Poets? 4/12/2010
20. Woe Is Me 4/12/2010
21. On Receiving A Book From 4/12/2010
22. Samuel Brown 4/12/2010
23. Jerusalem 4/12/2010
24. Grass From The Battle-Field 4/12/2010
25. John Bohun Martin 4/12/2010
26. I: In A Great House By The Sea I Sat 4/12/2010
27. On A Recently Finished Statue 4/12/2010
28. Epitaph I 4/12/2010
29. Return! 1/1/2004
30. To The Same 4/12/2010
31. On Receiving A Book From Dante Rossetti 4/12/2010
32. Ii: And As I Mused On All We Call Our Own 4/12/2010
33. In War-Time A Psalm Of The Heart 4/12/2010
34. He Loves And He Rides Away 4/12/2010
35. Esse Et Posse 4/12/2010
36. In War-Time: A Prayer Of The Understanding 4/12/2010
37. How’s My Boy? 1/1/2004
38. When The Rain Is On The Roof 4/12/2010
39. The Army Surgeon 4/12/2010
40. Home, Wounded 4/12/2010

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Best Poem of Sydney Thompson Dobell

Dante, Shakespeare, Milton - From

Doctor. Ah! thou, too,
Sad Alighieri, like a waning moon
Setting in storm behind a grove of bays!
Balder. Yes, the great Florentine, who wove his web
And thrust it into hell, and drew it forth
Immortal, having burn’d all that could burn,
And leaving only what shall still be found
Untouch’d, nor with the small of fire upon it,
Under the final ashes of this world.
Doctor. Shakespeare and Milton!
Balder. Switzerland and home.
I ne’er see Milton, but I see the Alps,
As once, sole standing on a peak supreme,
To the ...

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How’s My Boy?

“HO, Sailor of the sea!
How’s my boy—my boy?”
“What’s your boy’s name, good wife,
And in what good ship sail'd he?”
“My boy John— He that went to sea—
What care I for the ship, sailor?
My boy's my boy to me.
“You come back from sea,
And not know my John?

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