Syed Ahmed Shah

Rookie - 247 Points (03-08-1960 / Guwahati, Assam, India)

Syed Ahmed Shah Poems

1. Alert Notice 3/1/2012
2. Have You Been Looking For Me? 3/1/2012
3. The Early Bird 3/1/2012
4. The Philosopher Thief 3/2/2012
5. Lipstick 3/3/2012
6. Snail... 3/3/2012
7. Paralysis 3/4/2012
8. Amnesia 3/4/2012
9. Termites 3/4/2012
10. Little Boys Playing In The Graveyard 3/4/2012
11. Comatose 3/5/2012
12. Alien Poetry 3/6/2012
13. Mouth Full Of Diamonds 3/6/2012
14. Circus In My Backyard 3/7/2012
15. Hamlet 3/7/2012
16. Beauty 3/8/2012
17. A Diary Entry 3/8/2012
18. On The Death Of A Young Girl 3/13/2012
19. Vangogh In My Front Yard 3/13/2012
20. The All-Ordinary Man 3/13/2012
21. Poets 3/14/2012
22. Harvest Me By Hiren Bhattacharyya (Translated From Assamese) 3/14/2012
23. The Circus Has Vacancies 3/15/2012
24. My Poems Are Shorter Than Your Breath 3/15/2012
25. Roof By Kangan Talukdar (Translated From Assamese) 3/15/2012
26. Two Suns 3/16/2012
27. A Visit To The Zoo 3/17/2012
28. Numbness 3/17/2012
29. A Day In The Shade. 3/17/2012
30. Cheetah On The Chase 3/18/2012
31. I Love Crows 3/18/2012
32. I Salute The Jackal. 3/18/2012
33. A Day Under A Corrugated Iron Shade. 3/18/2012
34. Private Island 3/18/2012
35. Bats Upside Down 3/19/2012
36. A Greek Tragedy 3/19/2012
37. A News By Dr. Nirmalprabha Bordoloi (Translated From Assamese) 3/20/2012
38. Golden Harvest 3/22/2012
39. Mother 3/22/2012
40. Fat Free Diet 3/23/2012

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Best Poem of Syed Ahmed Shah

Funerals Are For The Living

If you are the social type
And enjoy meeting people,
Never miss a funeral in the graveyard;
Funerals are great occasions
To meet living people
In a peaceful surrounding…

I always had a lingering suspicion that
Funerals are actually
Meant for the living…

Graveyards provide great ambience
And throw in a surprise or two...
‘A fifty year old tomb of a five year old girl ‘

The dead never seem to age
Only the memory does…
What about that gentleman
Who you thought died long ago
Standing right next to you during the prayer

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That Bomb In My Balcony

From my bed I could hear it swish through the air like a missile and
Drop in my balcony with a dull thud; I knew it was coming and
Eagerly awaited its arrival.
The little devil.
It rarely failed to explode; Its success rate is
Close to a hundred percent.
It is only a matter of time; A few seconds or
May be a few minutes when its
Deadly force would shatter my (peaceful?) world.

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