Syed Peerzada Aurangzeb

Syed Peerzada Aurangzeb Poems

1. Endurance 11/17/2012
2. War 11/17/2012
3. Liberation 11/17/2012
4. Warriors 11/18/2012
5. Wounds Of Youth 11/18/2012
6. Dream Of An Old Man 11/18/2012
7. Lady Birds 11/18/2012
8. Oneness 11/18/2012
9. Windows 11/18/2012
10. Nomadic Crave 11/27/2012
11. Moment Of Replacement 11/27/2012
12. Sins 11/27/2012
13. Blessing 12/26/2012
14. The Mystic Shadows 2/3/2013
15. Madness 9/23/2014
16. Autumn 11/18/2012
17. Betrayed 11/18/2012
Best Poem of Syed Peerzada Aurangzeb


Burned ashes of my dreams
Collapsed glaciers of snow white
Eyes remained alive
Whereas the soul scratched by the gentle hands

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Enduring lonely, by the way long Hayward of shores
An orient where odyssey's begin
And Peerless reign of en-kindled memories stroke
Where sun describes into dark shadows, and fire up his voice for the last call
And others will feign to be his friend
Where Reflections burnt to winter ashes, and pour unkindness beneath
Where the flocks of life, dispersed and disguised, blame the soul to be her mistress
The eyes stayed down and dry, to find some sympathy beyond human chords
Where those tear

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