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1. Solitude 2/19/2014
2. A Lonely Walk 2/19/2014
3. That Awful Night 2/21/2014
4. Mummy's Resting Place 2/21/2014
5. An Ode To Paula And Derek 2/21/2014
6. An Autumn Day 2/27/2014
7. Moonlight 2/26/2014
8. Feelings Of Hurt 3/15/2014
9. Winter 5/9/2014
10. Admiration 7/10/2014
11. Sometimes 7/28/2014
12. Ode To The Old And Tired 7/28/2014
13. I Think 7/28/2014
14. Thoughts That Go Round In My Head 8/6/2014
15. If Love Was A Person 8/8/2014
16. It's Hard To Go Back 8/28/2014
17. If I Could Stop The Blues 9/28/2015
18. Lost Love 7/11/2014
19. Missing Him 7/11/2014
20. Today I Saw You 7/11/2014
21. Memories Of You 7/11/2014
22. The Tall One 7/28/2014
23. I Cannot Forget You 7/28/2014
24. When A Man Loves You 7/10/2014
25. Be Quiet, Be Quiet 9/15/2016
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Be Quiet, Be Quiet

Papa, Papa, my darling Papa
Long time since gone
Tall, quiet, serious and so strong
Always reading, sitting in the armchair
Requested, no, demanded silence, no one dare
Noises make, in the old house
Where he lived with Mother dear, his old spouse

His children their best tried
To keep the silence, but sighed
Their efforts were disasterous

He bellowed and he shouted
Be quiet! Be quiet! Or get out
To the barn you must go

Then back home we would go
To listen to Papa's old show
Be quiet, be quiet!

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A Lonely Walk

A lonely walk

A lonely walk among the ancient graves
Trees swaying in the breeze
Grass smooth and even as velvet upon the lawn
Birds twittering in the leaves
A feeling of beauty, peace and tranquility
Though, upon the bones of lives once lived

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