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29 April 2018

When it comes to age There is no center stage

14 May 2018

Sitting on my hands and knees so I'll be quiet is challenging. When I feel attacked I want to spring forth like a cheetah and defend myself. But I'm learning to be slow to reacting. Plus if someone's hating on me it isn't about me.

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U.S.A(I Live Up North)

Hi I live in the U.S.A
In washington state up north.
Where I live there's an green bridge
It divides between Oregon state
So yea this is where I live
There's evergreen trees up here
And nice views of the mountains.
Timberline lodge and people eager and fitness.
In the U.S were known to be gregarious, will Greet you like a friendly neighbor.
We love our animals and have a can do attitude.
I personally love our trees that bloom on the spring.
Then in fall when the leaves change colors.
In the winter I usually wonder what it might bring.

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Tamara Turner Popularity

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