Tammi Salazar

Tammi Salazar Poems

1. Selfish 3/1/2012
2. Forbidden 3/1/2012
3. We 3/1/2012
4. My Angel 3/1/2012
5. Love 3/1/2012
6. Ryde Or Die! 3/1/2012
7. Growing Up 4/20/2012
8. Truth 5/8/2012
9. Losing Sight 5/8/2012
10. Waiting On Time 5/8/2012
11. Last Night 5/8/2012
12. Winds 5/8/2012
13. Starry Night 5/8/2012
14. Chris; My Love! 5/22/2012
15. Strength 5/23/2012
16. How 5/27/2012
17. Face In A Cell 5/27/2012
18. Should 5/27/2012
19. When 5/27/2012
20. Silence 5/27/2012
21. Reality 5/27/2012
22. With You 5/27/2012
23. No Man 5/27/2012
24. What 5/27/2012
25. When I Was Young 5/27/2012
26. I Guess 5/27/2012
27. Deep Within 6/24/2012
28. Even Though 2/18/2012
29. Divorce 2/18/2012
30. How Easy 2/21/2012
31. Like An Hourglass. 8/28/2012
32. I Love My Gangsta! 3/1/2012

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Best Poem of Tammi Salazar

I Love My Gangsta!

There he stands all flamed up,
looking fly as he always does.
His skin so perfect, so soft, so tatted up!
Does he wear a suit, does he have a job?
He wears the suit of a G and works the life of hustling!
he may not be the man that momma wants fo me
He is definately the kind of guy i want him to be.
i love the way he talks, the way he treats me, his street swagg!
would i trade him for all the money?
hellz naw because no matter what
I Love My Gangsta!

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How Easy

How easy it is for me to forget
Forget all that you have done
How easy it is for me to forget
Forget all the things you have said
How easy it is for me to forgive
Forgive all the hurts you caused
How easy it is for me to give in
Give in to the love we once shared
How easy it is for me to fall

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