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My mother died today
I don't know what to feel

I am lost

Beautiful girl why are you so cruel
Perfect white teeth covered by full glossed lips
lips that form the destructive insults
you fire at your victim like missiles

walk down the street

I see

I am broken

Broken beyond repair

'I did'nt mean for it to happen.' 'It just happened.' 'It's not like I planned to have an affair, it just happened.' My boyfriend of 10 years explains, when I confront him on his latest indescretion.

Well that certainly makes me feel better knowing you didn't wake up with infidelity on your to do list. So let me get this straight. You are, let's say walking to the mailbox, whistling a tune, and thinking about me, of course. When from out of no where, like a bolt of lightening, BAM, you are in bed with a strange woman. Like an alien abduction or something. Sounds scary, were you scared? Did you look down at this woman and say, 'you're not my mailbox.' 'I want to go home! ' He storms out of the room.
'You're always such a smartass.' He barked as he slammed the door.

Where are you my muse?
Why do you leave me?
Why do you make me suffer for so long?
Will you ever grace me with your presence again?

I think about you always

I wonder what your first word would have been

I close my eyes
I see your face

I see you happy

The one that got away

I saw him sitting in there so sexy, so masculine
lookin kinda mean, ya know?

I feel the wind rush against my back. A wave rolls through my stomach. I fly higher and higher then.... stop........suspended....... before I fall, laughing......fearless. I know you will always catch me. 'Again Daddy Again' I chirp through laughter.

there was no one i trusted more

You don't know me
You don't know anything about me

What you see now is


and Goodbye



Cool breeze
on my face

You will miss me when I'm gone
touch the bed where I once laid

You will miss me when I leave

Broken nose
bruised cheek

Black eye

I have me myself and I

No family by my side

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My Mother Died Today

My mother died today
I don't know what to feel

I am lost
I am angry
I am grieving

Too many words unspoken
Too many harsh words said
Too many apologies not given
Too many secrets kept

No time for her redemption
No place for me in her heart

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Jaime Deguello 13 April 2015

Love your poetry and youre not to bad either. :)

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Ayodele Williams 20 August 2014

Read your poem more like an irony i.e. how can something so good be also bad. It creates a perspective situation and a divide between good and bad. By and large its a good piece.

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'You can lead a human to knowledge but you can't make him think'?

'I bow to no one and I beg for nothing'

'It is pivotal to our happiness that we try to hold on to the wonder and awe of a child seeing the world for the first time. I am glad that I can still find joy in a pinwheel or bubble gum.'

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