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I'm 29, I've a one year 2 1/2 y.o. daughter, and a 1 year old son, they keep me very busy. I was born in Indy, raised down in Southern, Indiana... Boone Docks, I now reside near Muncie.... Anyway, Ive always loved art, and depth... Ive been writting for years now.......this is the 1st time, I shared my work on this scale....

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'-Deep Winter Solar Eclipse Slumber-'

I went out upon a winter night journey-
I didn't arrive back until the delivery from a summer misted morning-...
I wasn't for sure what I was searching out-
All I knew is that Id soon find out-and at that time would know without a doubt~~

Blue Jean Lady Indiana Baby-

Blue jean lady Indiana baby-

-You cant just lay me-

Its Been Forever Since I'Ve Seen You....My Love

I thought I was over you, but when I caught a glipse of you
Only then is when I knew- no...no Im not over you!

Januarys Song

So this is me- this is me........
so this IS............me
so......this is me
Yeah..yeah ..........So - T-h-is- is - me

Draw The Curtain Of Hurtin

I know where to draw the line

most times

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Allan Farran 13 January 2012

I reall enjoyd your poem, it spoke the truth and the search of love is a tricky world, when do we ever know if it true if it is the one.

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