Tarrakkul the Gazzele

Rookie - 6 Points (25, October,1996)

Tarrakkul the Gazzele Poems

1. To My Yet Unknown Love 3/7/2012
2. To The Same Boy 3/7/2012
3. My Yearning, My Hope 3/7/2012
4. Whispers Of Hope 3/7/2012
5. The Sending Of The Holy Book 3/7/2012
6. Happy Confusion 3/11/2012
7. This Fall 10/29/2012
8. The Flame That Wandered 10/31/2012
9. My Life, I Lay You Down 5/1/2013
10. Season Haikus 5/1/2013
Best Poem of Tarrakkul the Gazzele

To The Same Boy

On the road we meet, just pass by I should say,
Our eyes meet for a startling moment, then we go our own ways.
Every time I see you my heart skips a beat,
Every time you see me you turn away and look at your feet.
All of the people but you whisper about me,
They say that I am beautiful, what foreign land I am from they cannot see.
But you, you walk without hesitating, you think not of of me,
While others turn their heads to look back as I walk through the streets,
You go straight forward, giving me no second glance.
I marvel at you, you jewel among pebbles, ...

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