Tasha Miller Poems

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Fatherless Child

A fatherless child was born one day.
She never asked for this life,
but it’s hers, anyway.

My Nanny

Most have two grandmothers
but I’m not like the rest.
I could have only one,
so The Lord gave me the best.

Dead Dream

My dreams are like an echo,
flowing through the air.
I can't catch them as they go,
but I know they are there.

Her Dream

In her dream,
he is there.
He holds her and loves her
and he really does care.

A Death Occurred Today

A death occurred today.
The suffering was long.
The death was preventable
but the heart wasn’t strong.

A Reason For Their Rhyme

With smiles on their faces
and a tear in their eye,
they pour out emotions
so their hearts won't die.

Broken Children

I see broken children,
I see them all around.
They never get built up,
only kicked to the ground

I Can'T Write

As I sit
in bed tonight,
I wonder why
I can’t write.

Sweet Daughter

My sweet little daughter,
you are almost grown.
Before I know it,
you'll be on your own.

For Aunt Elaine

Aunt Elaine

My dear Aunt,
our bond was sealed so quick.

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