Dead Dream Poem by Tasha Miller

Dead Dream

Rating: 5.0

My dreams are like an echo,
flowing through the air.
I can't catch them as they go,
but I know they are there.

Everytime I scream,
another comes along.
It is like the bad chorus
of a never-ending song.

I know how it ends now,
make the dream go away.
I've been having it forever,
every single day.

My dream was shattered
the day I made the call.
You took away everything,
my dream, my hope, my all.

I wish I'd never found you,
then my dream would live.
Now all I do is try to find
a way to forgive.

Ernestine Northover 24 June 2006

I hate recurring dreams especially if they are ones where you seem to be running around in circles or running away from something, or you are unable to find a way out of somewhere. Why is it that the 'good' ones don't seem to repeat themselves. Loved this write. Love Ernestine XXX

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David Gerardino 10 October 2005

NICE POEM, this may have nothing to do with your poem, but, some times when you write your dreams down, you find a answer, and drawing a picture.

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Tasha Miller

Tasha Miller

Weatherford, Oklahoma
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