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Here We Will Stay

In Lidda, in Ramla, in the Galilee,
we shall remain
like a wall upon your chest,
and in your throat
like a shrad of glass,
a cactus thron,

The Impossible

It would be a thousand times easier for you
to lead an elephant through the eye of a needle

Pagan Fires

At our ease
We take the thread of light
From the knots of darkness,
Tend the nursery of dreams,

I Call To You All

'I call to you all:
I take your hand and hold it tightly.

On The Trunk Of An Olive Tree

I shall carve my story and the chapters of my tragedy,
I shall carve my sighs
On my grove and on the tombs of my dead;
......I shall carve the number of each deed

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Gazi saiful Islam 15 November 2019

I'm going to translate these poems for new book

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Christoph Rinneberg 01 April 2019

I'm awaiting your offen for that book, preferably in german. Thanks.

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Tawfiq Ziad (Arabic: توفيق زيّاد‎, Hebrew: תאופיק זיאד‎, also spelt Tawfik Zayyad or Tawfeeq Ziad, 7 May 1929 – 5 July 1994) was a Palestinian politician well known for his "poetry of protest".[1]
Born in the Galilee, Ziad studied literature in USSR.[2] After returning home, he was elected mayor of Nazareth on 9 December 1973, as head of Palestine ...

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