Tawfiq Zayyad Poems

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Here We Will Stay

In Lidda, in Ramla, in the Galilee,
we shall remain
like a wall upon your chest,
and in your throat
like a shrad of glass,
a cactus thron,

I Call To You All

'I call to you all:
I take your hand and hold it tightly.

On The Trunk Of An Olive Tree

I shall carve my story and the chapters of my tragedy,
I shall carve my sighs
On my grove and on the tombs of my dead;
......I shall carve the number of each deed

With My Teeth

with my teeth I'll protect
every inch of my homeland

The Impossible

It would be a thousand times easier for you
to lead an elephant through the eye of a needle

Galilee 400 Years

The earth is turning
the wheel of history is turning

All I Have

I never carried a rifle
On my shoulder
Or pulled a trigger.
All I have

Passing Remark

When they ran over her,
the mulberry tree said:
'Do what you wish,
but remember

They Know

But they know that my country
has known a thousand conquerors
and they know
that the thousand

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