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1. My Small Lostsmall/ Love 11/26/2008
2. Something That Hurts: ( 11/26/2008
3. How You Use To Be 11/26/2008
4. Life 11/28/2008
5. True Friend 11/28/2008
6. Somethings That Happened 11/28/2008
7. Im Nothing I Guess 12/13/2008
8. Hurt 1/10/2009
9. Unsaid... 1/10/2009
10. Why? ! ? 1/24/2009
11. Afraid 1/24/2009
12. Nothing Will Change 1/24/2009
13. The Hurtfull Goodbye 3/5/2009
14. Death 5/12/2009
15. Your Eyes 5/22/2009
16. True Love 11/24/2008
17. Mistake 11/24/2008
18. Smallthe Way My Love Showssmall/ 11/25/2008
19. My Song To You 3/16/2010
20. Beautiful Angle 3/16/2010
21. What Love Really Is... 11/24/2008
22. How They Leave You. /3 11/24/2008
23. The Way You Hurt Me. 11/26/2008

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The Way You Hurt Me.

i dont miss you,

i just miss who you use to be,

your not the one i fell in love with,

what happened?

what did i do?

im sorry that i loved you i was wrong.

i guess its time for me to just leave you alone.

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How They Leave You. /3

its sad how people you loved leave you.
and how others you dont even know anymore and they are a whole different person.
then some what later they wont to come back to you and you just think about how they just left you. and then you tell them that you dont want to be hurt any more.