Beautiful Angle

Rating: 0.5

The eyes of an angle the most beautiful blue eyes in the heavens. The blue that takes over the yellow like the sun set like looking in the sea of blue water with stars about to come out. It’s like looking into a different world there is nothing but joy and happiness there is no darkness looking deep down in the angles eyes. Looking deep down you can see the demons that were once there and what they did to the wonderful angle, but the angle made it and come out with eyes of a story to tell with deep thoughts that you hear and that will would kill your soul but the angle is more powerful and there is more that you see with just looking at them the love and thoughts that the angle eyes seeing that he loves me and I can feel the power and how much more that I would be the only one to see god had gave this angle the most beautiful angle I have ever seen to me for me to see what has been unheard. listing to the screams and fear that is angle had been through and for me to save the angle and my love has healed the angle at its last moment. God gave me this gift and the one thing that i pray for every night, hoping that this angle is not left alone in the dark. knowing that he knows he’s way but no angle should be put through that. seeing that this woulnderful angle has been hurt way too many times but with my love and care this angle had been hurt way too many times but with my love and care this angle is a different angle and is feeling better and he’s eyes told me something and i heard it and that’s what god has been waiting for me to hear. the feeling deep down in my heart told me that i could help and make this angle happy and have nothing go wrong. Knowing that the blood and sorrow that he had seen is not something an angle should see. looking in this wonderful angles eyes make you speechless and you just cant look away because you just stuck in this world with a story to tell and more to be heard. this angle that is my savior and is my whole life. Something that god told me to never let go. to keep this promise of my life to keep this angle and never give it away to the wrong hands and never hurt him and just take great care of the one and only angle that i love in all the heavens.