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Mental Breakdown

I lost my mind, I breakdown
My knees collapse, I'm on the floor
So much stress, so much anger
I can't take this anymore

Look At What You'Ve Done To Me

I cut
I bleed
I want
I need

Did You Know?

Not a day goes by where I don't flash back to that night.
That night that puts so many thoughts in my head that scream at me.
That make me feel so low, I feel as if I'm below rock bottom.
And I wish I could just forget.

Death's Song

There you are. I see you, below me,
as the icy waters surround you
in its death grip. I see you.
Drowning. Gasping for air, crying

My Remedy

I put the blade against my skin
They don't know the pain I'm in
They don't see the real me
Sometimes I wish I could break free

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I write to express what I feel. Everything I write about is true. Some of my poems aren't really poems. I write to vent.

I don't post all of my poems, but the ones I do post, I'd appreciate any opinions and suggestions.

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