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Teedy Dawn Poems

1. New Girl Eaten Alive 2/27/2006
2. Sea Dream 2/27/2006
3. Tears Fall From The Statue Of Liberty 2/27/2006
4. Mammography Blues 2/27/2006
5. Sleep 3/1/2006
6. Daughter 3/1/2006
7. Tango 3/2/2006
8. Best Friend 3/3/2006
9. I Can Do It Too With Haiku 3/3/2006
10. Death By Retail 3/10/2006
11. I Love Him 3/16/2006
12. End Poverty - A Work In Progress 3/24/2006
13. Cat Hair 3/26/2006
14. Wuthering Life 3/27/2006
15. Men Are From Mars Bars (So Keep Me Sweet) 3/31/2006
16. Sheffield 4/6/2006
17. You Can Achieve 4/11/2006
18. Sweeping Up After Christmas 4/11/2006
19. For Lord Byron 3/19/2008
20. I Used To Be A Badass Punk 8/29/2008
21. Leeds Festival Blues 8/30/2008
22. My Teenager 9/8/2008
23. A Woman, The Oranje And The 2010 World Cup 6/28/2010
24. Soap By The Washbowl 5/1/2006
25. The Big Lie 8/17/2010
26. Fearies Gather 6/20/2011
27. Neo Goes To Mcdonalds 8/2/2011
28. Death- Our New Relationship 2/20/2007
29. When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Wag 3/8/2012
30. Depression - A Personal Journey 1/25/2013
31. Victim 7/23/2014
32. Armistice 3/17/2006
33. Blessed Are The Peacemakers 2/19/2006
34. Lets Visit Grandma (Ironic) 3/9/2006
35. The Sweet Smell Of Success 3/24/2006
36. One Morning I Woke Up Dead 3/19/2008
37. Who’s Afraid Of The Dark? 9/18/2011
38. The Teachers Lament 8/17/2010
39. Tell Me How To Stop Loving You 6/12/2006
40. Only Child 1/25/2013

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Best Poem of Teedy Dawn

Postnatal Depression

I fear my little child.

I fear that she will not feed and grow strong and healthy,
I fear that she will stop breathing when I am out of the room or selfishly asleep,
I fear that she will become ill because of something I have done or did not do,
I fear that she will be in pain and I will not know why.

I fear that her father will reject her,
I fear that her father will reject me,
I fear that her father will compete for her love and that she will love him more,
I fear that her father will be distant and that she will not love him enough.

I fear that ...

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New Girl Eaten Alive

The office shark lies silently in languid pools of loathing,
She waits; waits for her moment to mock and mark my failings.
Behind sham sincerity she hides, her mind adrift in a sea of desperate measure.

Her tone is soothing and gently lapping, drawing me closer into to her confidence,
She offers friendship, making me feel that I am not alone,
That we can ride the storm, no matter what, together.

In my naivety I cling to her; she is my rock, my lifeline,

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