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Thabang kgwatalala Poems

1. Money Can'T Buy...Love 6/22/2013
2. Tearing Apart.... 6/22/2013
3. The Strength That Never Faded Me... 6/22/2013
4. Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Behold 6/22/2013
5. You Are Me 6/22/2013
6. I Dreamed Of Love 6/22/2013
7. I Am Sorry...For My Treatment 11/3/2013
8. Now I Am Renewing My Soul... 11/3/2013
9. Letter From My Heart.... 11/3/2013
10. Unspoken Words.... 11/3/2013
11. If I Was A Poet... 11/3/2013
12. My Love.... 11/3/2013
13. My Treasure... 11/3/2013
14. Sometimes Comes A Time... 11/3/2013
15. Missing Someone... 6/22/2013
16. Wondering.... 11/3/2013
17. A Year Older... 11/3/2013
18. I Have Done Everything Under The Sun.... 11/3/2013
19. Love.... 11/3/2013
20. You And Me Forever... 11/3/2013
21. You Are Loved... 1/2/2014
22. Dear Stranger 1/2/2014
23. Valentine's Day 1/2/2014
24. Sweet Words... 1/2/2014
25. Love Is Not A Joke.. 11/5/2013
26. I Would Love To Be..... 11/15/2013
27. The Key... 1/2/2014
28. Exiting 1/2/2014
29. What Is Love? ? ? 1/2/2014
30. My Wonderful Beauty Princess 1/2/2014
31. You Are Beautiful Beyond Description 1/2/2014
32. Family 1/2/2014
33. Happy Birthday Message From Mother 1/2/2014
34. How I Feel... 1/2/2014
35. I Feel Blessed Because Of You... 1/2/2014
36. Valentine's Day Part 2... 1/2/2014
37. The Precious One 5/11/2014
38. Heavenly Sent 8/3/2014
39. True Feelings 1/2/2014
40. One More Chance... 1/2/2014

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Women In Men's Life

I Was Born, a Woman Was There To Hold Me
''My Mother''

I Grew as a Child, a Woman Was There To Care For Me, To Play With Me
''My Sister''

I Went To School, a Woman Was There To Help Me Learn
''My Teacher''

I just needed company and to share mine feelings with someone, .A women was there to guide me
'My Best Friend'

I Became Depressed, Whenever I Lost, a Woman Was There To Offer a Shoulder
''My girlfriend''

I Became Tough, a Woman Was There To Melt Me
''My sister''

When I am Dying, a Woman Is There To Absorb Me
''My MotherLand''

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Broken Heart...

This window has become my homely friend. Every day when I'm sitted here I memorize every little moment we had. I now believe that little moments can turn out to be big and unforgettable.

I can't feel this world no more. Can't it stop on the next robot and drop me please.'cause in heaven i'll be comfortable with Father, Lord. I can't live in this world while I'm incomplete.

In every second that goes by all I feel is an increase in distance between us. In every minute that goes by all I can

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