That Boy

That Boy Poems

1. Beyond 4/17/2009
2. Sleeping Habbits 5/2/2009
3. Sound Of Silence 5/4/2009
4. Haiku Race 1 7/4/2009
5. Bowl Of Scouse 7/4/2009
6. The Valley 7/23/2009
7. The Folders Of Life 2/5/2010
8. Haiku 2 6/30/2009
9. Haiku 6/28/2009
10. A Lesson In Rhyme 3/18/2009
11. Hillsborough 4/17/2009
12. Jack Of The Jungle 4/14/2009
13. I Am 4/16/2009
14. War 3/15/2009
15. My Window 3/15/2009
16. The Park Of Birkenhead 3/15/2009
17. A Soul To The Heavens 3/28/2009
18. The Soldier 6/9/2009

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Best Poem of That Boy

A Soul To The Heavens

As I go bare foot across the beach,
I see a grain of sand.
A man comes forth as if to teach,
And quickly grabs my hand.
“Don’t touch the sand” his old mouth said,
“It’s precious around here, ”
I saw his cheeks were sore and red,
His words echoed in my ear,
“Don’t touch the sand? ”
I wondered why?
The man lay flat,
As if to die.
He snuggled up to the wind on the floor,
This was nothing I’d ever seen before.
“My wife was here” he said to me,
“So many years before, ”
“She died on this spot” he said to me,
“To the heavens she did ...

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A Lesson In Rhyme

In my house, I can see,
Pictures of my sister and me.
I walk into my hall, and I can see,
The kitchen were we should have tea.
Tea in the front room, were we watch T.V,
Whilst I sit and write, for people to see.
This isn’t a Haiku or a Horatian Ode,
This is how I write and the way I was told.
You start with a word or rhythmic phrase,

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