The Black Rose

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The Black Rose Poems

1. True Thoughts 2/22/2007
2. Why To Write 9/9/2007
3. We Are As We Are 8/19/2007
4. Immortal Wounds 8/19/2007
5. I Keep Triping And Falling On My Heart 5/18/2007
6. Fire And Thought 5/18/2007
7. Love, Death & The Flower 2/22/2007
8. A Story Of Love 4/4/2007
9. Anthem Of A Raging Heart 4/4/2007
10. Death By Love 11/15/2006
11. The Eternal Mind 11/25/2006
12. Im Such A Fool 11/16/2006
13. Small Sad World 4/4/2007
14. Reality 1/3/2007
15. Black Rain 11/25/2006
16. Moment Of Fire 1/12/2007
17. Trapped 8/3/2006
18. Full Moons Sleepless Night 10/12/2006
19. A Black Rose 8/30/2006

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A Black Rose

A Black Rose,
Glistening in the rain,
A sign, a symbol,
An insignia of loss,
It’s the Flower of Darkness,
Lying in wait on this cold winter night,

It represents the beauty of despair,
The grace of defeat,
The feelings we all find hard to bear,
The millions of people that have all loved and lost,
All behind this flower that holds us aloft,

Within its petals we drown our grief,
With its stem we clutch to what’s left of life,
Within its thorns we spite those who have set us so
And within this dark flower we find our peace,
The ...

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Im Such A Fool

To break my heart,
Day by day,
and live our life in the same old way,
I beleived you were something true,
But i was blind,
Im such a fool...

Your sparkling smiles,
and loving embraces,

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