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The Peak Oil Poet Poems

1. New Idolatry 6/20/2013
2. An Infinite Surprise Of Poets 6/20/2013
3. Dinner Alone 6/20/2013
4. Paris Metro 6/20/2013
5. Paris Poor 6/20/2013
6. Soul Fire 6/20/2013
7. Beggars On A Train 6/20/2013
8. Peak People 6/20/2013
9. Breaking Three Breaks One And Two 6/20/2013
10. Black And White 6/20/2013
11. Offering 6/20/2013
12. Come To Me Oh Irish 6/20/2013
13. Water Of Life 6/20/2013
14. For Our Sons And Daughters Too 6/20/2013
15. The Great Australian Poem 6/20/2013
16. When The Bankers Go To Jail 9/14/2011
17. At How The River Roars 6/20/2013

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At How The River Roars

i saw God sitting on a log
down by the river clean
smiling out towards the dawn
at secrets there unseen

What makes you smile? i called aloud
what happiness is yours?
A broader smile and then the words
'at how the river roars'

i pondered then these words awhile
and sought the sound referred
but all i heard was trickling
and the chirping of a bird

i hear it not oh God of all
why do you jest me so?
and then again that beaming smile
'I think you really know'

Again i thought about God's words
and still i could not see
Oh God ...

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Peak People

I've heard about the oil peak - depletion of reserves
and doomers claiming that we're screwed is getting on my nerves
and prices going ever up no matter what the cost
but the real problem seems to be peak-people

The talk of global warming - all the carbon in the air
the scientists are warning - but tax payers do not care
and all the talk on carbon tax has left me feeling lost
so i guess i'm just another stupid sheeple

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