The Pedestrian

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My Little Black Dog

It all comes down to this
he's good with cats and kids
My little black dog


Penguins - little antarctic pedestrians
We are all God's penguins
but I drift
Yes, I drift

Father And Son

Father and son
such a precious thing
Can make you cry
sometimes'll make you sing

Even On A Cloudy Day

Somewhere in your heart
I know that you believe
everything will be okay
and deep inside

Dear Diary

Dear diary
we need to talk
Dear diary
you start

The Pedestrian Quotes

13 October 2016

'I don't care what I think, I'm gonna do it anyway! '

13 October 2016

'Music - man's humanity to man' - Chaucer (not really, but I just wanted to invoke his name. He is considered the Father of English Literature, after all! (like I knew that without looking it up.) Not to mention his name rhymes with saucer!

13 October 2016

'If God played in a band, perhaps She'd overplay - but who'd notice? ' 'Take it God! '

13 October 2016

'God is His own worst enemy'

13 October 2016

'Sing to the birds, we owe it to them' - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (He didn't really say that, but I thought it might add some credence.)

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'Words, like families and nations, have rich histories that can be traced through written records. Words have meanings that you encounter every day and others that lurk only in dictionaries.' From 'The Everything Writing Poetry Book' by Eliopulos and Moffett.

I'm just a pedestrian waiting patiently on the corner while people driving by look lef ...

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