Thistle Wargul

Thistle Wargul Poems

1. We'Re Moving On 11/11/2007
2. Watching 11/11/2007
3. One Day 11/11/2007
4. I Hate You 11/11/2007
5. Dragon 11/11/2007
6. Crazy 11/11/2007
7. Break Friends 11/11/2007
8. Autumn Leaf Fall 11/11/2007
9. The Shadow 11/11/2007
10. One Second 11/11/2007
11. There's No Point Crying Now Baby! * 1/9/2008
12. Loner In The Crowd 1/18/2008
13. If We Don'T Stop Now! 11/11/2007
14. Storm 11/11/2007
15. Moods 11/11/2007
16. Suicide 2/11/2008
17. Last One Standing* 3/29/2008
18. Web Of Lies 3/29/2008
19. The Blood Of Life 3/29/2008
20. Trapped 4/2/2008
21. Revolution 4/3/2008
22. The Last Tear 4/26/2008
23. Catch Me If You Can* 5/10/2008
24. Held Back 2/5/2008
25. The Promise* 2/8/2008
26. Stand And Fight* 7/20/2008
27. Steady Days* 7/20/2008
28. Conscious* 8/10/2008
29. Not Her Story Territory 9/1/2008
30. The Future Rubbish 9/1/2008
31. Stay 10/3/2008
32. Don'T Leave 10/3/2008
33. Lonely Shadow 10/24/2008
34. Forgotten* 10/26/2008
35. Broken 11/23/2008
36. Bleed No More* 12/4/2008
37. Infinity* 3/7/2009
38. Alone 5/29/2009
39. Waltzing The World Away 10/26/2008
40. I Feel You 10/30/2008

Comments about Thistle Wargul

  • Kyle Minthorn (4/18/2016 3:38:00 PM)

    My name is Kyle and I am an amateur composer. I only do it for fun and make no money off it, so I hope you dont mind if I use you for inspiration. I was inspired by Dance of the Weasel and I wrote a short piano solo. I don't think I could capture the poem truly, and I took the words very literally. You can view it here: https: //
    Keep up the poems, you've got a beautiful, albeit meloncholy, way with words

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  • Pasquale Tullio (2/16/2011 10:56:00 PM)

    I sorry you are going tru this. You do not deserve one does. I hope thing changes for you and things get better.
    I tried emailing you directly but it no work. I like your poem but they show much pain, Im sad for that: (

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Best Poem of Thistle Wargul

Fallen Angel

When will you listen?
When will you hear?
When will the shell you live in
Finally disappear?
The light is penetrating
Your long forgotten past.
Open your emotions,
This chance could be your last.

When will you win?
When will you lose?
When will you apologise
To those that you abuse?
The hate that’s running through you veins,
Is burning you with fire.
Don’t wait for it to fill you up,
Keep on climbing higher.

I am the fallen angel
Invisible while I fly.
Guardian of the Earth,
The justice and the right.
I’m the one ...

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If We Don'T Stop Now!

Every tree, gone,
Every vine, gone,
Every bush, gone,
Every flower, gone
Every blade of grass, gone,
Every plant, living or dead, gone.

This is what will happen if we don’t stop now.

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