Thistle Wargul

Thistle Wargul Poems

1. We'Re Moving On 11/11/2007
2. Watching 11/11/2007
3. One Day 11/11/2007
4. I Hate You 11/11/2007
5. Dragon 11/11/2007
6. Crazy 11/11/2007
7. Break Friends 11/11/2007
8. Autumn Leaf Fall 11/11/2007
9. The Shadow 11/11/2007
10. One Second 11/11/2007
11. There's No Point Crying Now Baby! * 1/9/2008
12. Loner In The Crowd 1/18/2008
13. Tear Drop 1/18/2008
14. Held Back 2/5/2008
15. The Promise* 2/8/2008
16. Is There A Point? 2/11/2008
17. Suicide 2/11/2008
18. Last One Standing* 3/29/2008
19. Web Of Lies 3/29/2008
20. The Blood Of Life 3/29/2008
21. Goodbye* 3/31/2008
22. If We Don'T Stop Now! 11/11/2007
23. Storm 11/11/2007
24. Moods 11/11/2007
25. Trapped 4/2/2008
26. Revolution 4/3/2008
27. The Last Tear 4/26/2008
28. Catch Me If You Can* 5/10/2008
29. Conscious* 8/10/2008
30. Not Her Story Territory 9/1/2008
31. The Future Rubbish 9/1/2008
32. I Could Never Hateyou 9/13/2008
33. Stay 10/3/2008
34. Don'T Leave 10/3/2008
35. Starry Night Sky 10/11/2008
36. Lonely Shadow 10/24/2008
37. Forgotten* 10/26/2008
38. Fallen Angel 7/20/2008
39. Stand And Fight* 7/20/2008
40. Steady Days* 7/20/2008

Comments about Thistle Wargul

  • Kyle Minthorn (4/18/2016 3:38:00 PM)

    My name is Kyle and I am an amateur composer. I only do it for fun and make no money off it, so I hope you dont mind if I use you for inspiration. I was inspired by Dance of the Weasel and I wrote a short piano solo. I don't think I could capture the poem truly, and I took the words very literally. You can view it here: https: //
    Keep up the poems, you've got a beautiful, albeit meloncholy, way with words

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  • Pasquale Tullio (2/16/2011 10:56:00 PM)

    I sorry you are going tru this. You do not deserve one does. I hope thing changes for you and things get better.
    I tried emailing you directly but it no work. I like your poem but they show much pain, Im sad for that: (

Best Poem of Thistle Wargul

A Boy Named Jack

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack,
Who loved playing with his friends and having a good yak.
One day in the woods he met a big bear
Which gave him a bigger scare.
He turned around and ran away,
Shouting “I don’t want to play! ”
He kept on running until he was home,
Discovering his Mum on the phone.

She was talking to his teacher at school;
My Burks, Jack’s Mum thought was cool.
Apparently Jack had been skipping class
After cutting himself on a piece of glass.

Unfortunately for the boy listening in,
Mr Burks never believed ...

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When I’m angry I shout and scream,
I hate everyone and everything.
I tear up paper, slam the doors,
Kick the walls, and punch the draws.
When I’m angry I shout and scream,
I hate everyone and everything.

When I’m happy I jump for joy,
I play with chocolate like it’s a toy.

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